Max Strength General Purpose Probiotic: Our non-refrigerated probiotic supports gut and digestive health. Great for supporting a diversified healthy microbiota with 60B CFU. – Probiotics for Men and Women
Support Your Gut: Synergistically supporting gut health, our probiotic combines 10 distinct high-quality probiotic strains and organic prebiotics. Expertly designed for occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating!
This probiotic is designed to withstand the intestines and maximize strain colonization from start to finish. We do this with a shelf-stable bottle, acid-resistant capsules, and 60 Billion CFU!
Based on science, our probiotics are made. We have qualified physicians reviewing our products and research. We educate and assist with health decisions.Since we are Non-GMO Certified and participate in the Carbon Fund program, all carbon emissions from this probiotic are offset by reduction efforts. Quality ingredients backed by science!





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