What incident at court made Sir John Woodroffe (1865-1936) interested in Kundalini?

Sir John Woodroffe (1865-1936), also known as Arthur Avalon, studied at Oxford University, England and became a judge of the High Court of Calcutta and Professor of Law at the University of Calcutta. His most influential book is The Serpent Power, which refers to the Kundalini energy. In his popular book, The Garland of Letters, he expounds on the non-dualistic Advaita philosophy.

According to John Mumford, Woodroffe became interested in Tantra from an incident at court. It is said that one day he had great difficulty concentrating on the case before him, and one of his servants informed him that a tantric sadhu had been employed by the defendant to sit outside the courthouse and chant mantras to cloud his thoughts. Outside, Woodroffe found an ash-covered sadhu chanting a Sanskrit litany. The Indian Police drove the sadhu away and Woodroffe instantly felt his mind clear, and moreover, instilled in him a desire to find out more about Tantric practices. (Source: Arthur Avalon – para.wiki)

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