CENTER YOURSELF: ​In a world full of chaos, we often forget the importance of staying grounded. Often our busy schedules don’t allow time to do ​relaxing​ activities like ​yoga​ or reading that helps us sleep better. That’s why Telsha created our Deep Brass Singing Bowl. Boasting ​beautiful artistry and ​premium ​performance, this ​therapeutic set​ provides a quick and simple way to take a mental “time out”. Using our ​chakra bowl ​a few minutes a day can help give you the mental boost
HOW IT WORKS: Originating in ancient Asia, singing bowls have been widely used for their healing and calming properties. This sound healing instrument works by positioning the brass bowl on a ring cushion or on your palm. Using a wood mallet with a suede or leather end, gently run the fabric along the edge of the ceremonial bowl. The reaction causes deep, soothing vibrations which produces a healing sound that lends itself to feelings of zen and peace.
IMPECCABLE WORKMANSHIP: The Telsha Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is locally sourced in India, so each piece has its own, unique character. With a depth of 5” and a diameter of 5.5″, our sound bowls are user-friendly. Using premium-quality brass, wood, suede, and silk – this meditation kit guarantees long-lasting durability and functionality.

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