Press Release: UNSC Reform

Noble World Foundation's Proposal for UN Security Council Reform to Halt Global Conflicts


Contact: Shiv R. Jhawar, MAS, EA, CA
Founder, Noble World Foundation
Author of Building a Noble World

Chicago, IL June 10, 2024  – In light of the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Gaza, and other regions around the world, a new proposal by Shiv R. Jhawar, founder of the Noble World Foundation and author of “Building a Noble World,” calls for a structural reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to enhance its effectiveness in maintaining global peace and security. Jhawar’s article, “Reforming the UNSC: A Path to Global Peace,” offers a groundbreaking vision for a more representative and effective UNSC.

A Vision for a Representative UNSC

The proposal, available on the Noble World Foundation’s website at, advocates for transferring UNSC membership and veto power from individual nations to regional organizations that embody pooled sovereignty, such as the European Union (EU).

Key Benefits of the Proposal:

  • Reduces Dominance: Curtails the influence of any single nation.
  • Promotes Democracy: Encourages democratic decision-making.
    Collective Interests: Reflects the combined interests of multiple nations.
  • Addresses Criticisms: Tackles concerns about the UNSC being unrepresentative.
  • Feasible Implementation: Achievable without amending the UN Charter, as evidenced by Russia inheriting the Soviet Union’s permanent seat in 1991 without a Charter amendment.
    Enhanced Legitimacy: Bolsters the legitimacy and effectiveness of the UNSC.

Historical Precedent and Legal Framework

The proposal leverages the 1991 precedent, where Russia inherited the Soviet Union’s permanent seat without a Charter amendment, demonstrating the feasibility of such reforms. This precedent provides a legal and practical framework for recognizing the amalgamation of the European Union similarly.

A Call to Action

Shiv R. Jhawar’s proposal is timely, as global conflicts continue to escalate. He urges political leaders, international bodies, and the global community to support this transformative proposal. “Imagine a world where the UNSC truly represents the diverse voices and interests of humanity. This vision, though ambitious, is within our grasp. By embracing this reform, we can transform the UNSC into a beacon of hope and a powerful force for global harmony,” says Jhawar.

About the Author

Shiv R. Jhawar, an author and tax expert, supports this proposal. With credentials as a Master of Accounting Science (MAS), an Enrolled Agent (EA), and a Chartered Accountant (CA), he is also the author of “Building a Noble World” and founder of the Noble World Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to promoting global peace and understanding.

About Noble World Foundation

Founded in 2004, the Noble World Foundation (NWF) in Chicago is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. NWF’s mission is to inspire individuals to change themselves through meditation, believing that personal transformation leads to global change. NWF emphasizes that the individual is the “world,” and as individuals evolve, so does the world. Join us at

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