Why should we develop love and respect for all people?

He/she who does not love himself/herself, how can he/she develop love and respect for others?

Therefore, the first step is to love and respect oneself. For instance, if you throw a pebble into a calm lake, the first circle will form around the pebble first and then the circle will spread out farther and farther. It is natural!

Once you are filled with love within, it naturally flows out to others. You don’t have to try to give love to others.

Why love others? Think deeply. When you love others, where does that love arise from? The love arises from within yourself. And, you feel happiness and contentment within. Therefore, for your own sake of feeling happiness, you should love and respect others. If everyone were to feel happiness within, there would be much peace in family, nation, and world.

Since the same Spirit/Self/Consciousness exists in everybody, to love and respect all people is to love and respect one’s own Spirit/Self. The saying, “Just as I am, so are others,” is so true.

Fundamentally, we are all one. All of us are like bubbles formed in the infinite ocean of Consciousness. When these bubbles burst, as they inevitably must, they merge into the ocean of Consciousness. Even when they don’t burst, they are still in the ocean of Consciousness.

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