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Ceasefire Now: A Plea to End the Ukraine-Russia War

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By Shiv R. Jhawar, MAS, EA, CA

Dear Secretary-General António Guterres,

War, in all its forms, is a blight on humanity, inflicting pain and loss on a global scale. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia stands as a stark violation of the United Nations Charter, particularly Article 2(4), which prohibits nations from acquiring territory by force. This war has led to unacceptable human suffering and significant destruction, challenging the core principles upon which the United Nations was founded.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), mandated by the UN Charter to safeguard global peace and security, has the authority to enforce legally binding resolutions. However, its effectiveness is often undermined by the veto power held by its five permanent members. This was vividly demonstrated when Russia vetoed a resolution against its own actions in Ukraine on February 25, 2022, highlighting a significant flaw in our international governance system where individual national interests can obstruct collective action for peace.

In light of this, the Noble World Foundation (NWF) proposes a significant reform: transitioning membership and veto rights from individual nations to sovereignty-pooling entities like the European Union (EU). This change aims to dilute the undue influence of single nations, fostering a more democratic, representative, and effective decision-making process within the UNSC. Such a reform would not only reflect the collective interests of the global community but also embody the UN Charter’s founding vision of “We the Peoples,” with the ultimate goal of ending wars.  For a deeper understanding of this proposal, I invite you to read our article, The Urgent Need for UNSC Reform: A Path to Global Peace.

This proposal gains further relevance considering that both Russia and Ukraine are part of the Eastern European Group. This fact underscores the potential for regional groups to play a pivotal role in the UNSC, advocating for collective action over the veto of a single nation.

The UN General Assembly has already condemned Russia’s violation of the UN Charter. It is now imperative, Secretary-General, for you to convene the General Assembly and address this critical juncture. Inaction not only compromises the UN’s mission to maintain international peace and security but also its moral authority.

We urge you to heed this call for immediate ceasefire in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Each day’s delay deepens the humanitarian crisis and erodes the foundations of international law and order.

Your leadership is crucial in navigating these troubled times towards a resolution that respects the dignity and rights enshrined in the United Nations Charter. By advocating for the proposed UNSC reform, you can steer the international community towards a future where peace prevails over the calamity of war.


Shiv R. Jhawar, MAS, EA, CA
Founder, Noble World Foundation
Author of Building a Noble World
Email: nwf091674@gmail.com
Website: nobleworld.org

About Shiv R. Jhawar
Shiv R. Jhawar, the founder of the Noble World Foundation, is an accomplished author and tax expert. His extensive background as a Master of Accounting Science (MAS), Enrolled Agent (EA), and Chartered Accountant (CA) complements his commitment to fostering global peace and understanding through his written works and philanthropic efforts.

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