Caring for COVID-19-positive patients

Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has killed more than one million people worldwide. On an average, more than 5,000 people die every day from coronavirus. The death toll in the United States has exceeded 200,000. Moreover, Covid-19 continues to spread while impeding the normal operation of the world’s commercial, educational and social life. While the world waits for the discovery of a vaccine, the practice of Vedic Yajna is what we can do to prevent and possibly cure COVID19.

Yajurveda as well as the Bhagavad Gita advocate performing of Yajna (also called Yagya, Yagna, Hawan) that uses fire with the chanting of Vedic mantras. Herbal medicines inhaled in such a Yajna reach the lungs and has a direct healing effect.

It is important to note, Yajna is a powerful practice of yoga, not superstition. Fire is the world’s greatest purifier. Did you know Naga Sadhus ((holy ascetics who smear their naked bodies with ash) — widely respected for their holiness — perform Yajna in India and have escaped the Covid-19 disease?

Let yajnas be performed by holy beings including Naga Sadhus, Tibetan Lamas, and Self-realized beings, to conquer coranavirus through Yajna . There are about 200,000 naga sadhus (Naked Yogis) and about 94,203 Tibetan lamas in India. Naga Sadhus take part in Kumbh Mela and then move to the Himalayas or Akharas (camps).

The cosmic energy of sound contained in mantra is activated with Yajna. Inhaling the smoke of a rightly performed yagna, in which clarified butter (ghee) made from the milk of a cow along with medicinal herbs like basil (tulsi), aegle marmelos (bael/bilva), chebulic myrobalan (harade), and saffron are used, is the SURE way to get rid of Covid-19 disease

Just as an atom bomb triggers a series of fissions called a chain reaction, so also Yajna (fire-ritual) triggers a chain reaction. Revealing the mysterious power of yagna, Swami Muktananda (1908-1982), a world-renowned yogi, said, “Yajna is like an atom bomb. It has the same power, but its power is not destructive. A yajna is not held to destroy a country, or destroy a city, or to kill large numbers of people, or to cause devastation, or destroy crops and other things. A yajna is held to destroy only impurities, to purge the atmosphere of all the impurities, of all the unhealthy germs which may be present.”

He continued, “When a yajna is held, not only the people who are performing it, not only those who are actually present at the ceremony, but also the people who live in the surrounding areas and also the people who inhale the air which is laden with the pure perfume of the yajna offerings, are purified, and they get all its benefits. All four Vedas celebrate the glory of yajnas in the most lyrical terms, and the Gita also speaks of the great importance of yajnas.” (Source: Satsang with Baba Volume 2, pg 295-296).

Is Yajna proven to destroy the virus? Dr. Ulrich Berk of Germany gives a detailed exposition of various researches done by him and the effect of Yajna smoke on human health. Further, the discovery of the Kirlian camera by Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian enables taking photographs of the human aura. It was detected through Kirlian photography that the performers of Yajna had developed healthy “Aura.” (Source: Agnihotra for health, wealth and happiness – Google Books).

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Comment below how you are staying safe. Please share. Thank you for caring for COVID-19-positive patients during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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