Do I have to give up my religion to meditate?

Allow me to ask you this question: Do you give up your religion to go to sleep? Meditation is an elder brother of sleep – it leads to a state similar to a conscious sleep. Just as sleep lies beyond your waking state, so also meditation lies beyond your deep sleep state. If the deep sleep can be so refreshing, imagine how much more refreshing meditation would be.

In meditation, you dive deeper and deeper inside to get to the pure I-awareness. You make your mind perceive your own divinity, your own innermost reality. For example, if you are a Christian, you are meditating on your own innermost Spirit, not on any religion.

It is to experience your own innermost Spirit that meditation is practiced in every religion, not as a belief system.

Meditation is a subjective science — it explores the inner world. Science — both subjective and objective — belongs to everyone, regardless of religion.

Only when you become aware of your own innermost reality, can you become aware of the innermost reality of others.

So, like sleep and science, meditation has nothing to do with your religion. Meditation is everybody’s birthright. Regardless of nationality, race, religion, and gender, everyone can meditate.

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