What is the difference between belief and faith?

This is an uplifting question in spirituality.

The meanings of the words “belief” and “faith” are not the same. To believe something, and to have faith in something are completely different.

The word ‘belief’ has its root “lief,” meaning to desire. Belief means to fervently believe in something as true. Belief is conceptual like God, heaven, and hell. Beliefs make you a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist. Beliefs create fights and arguments.

Faith stems from the Latin word “fides.” It is related to Bona fides, meaning good faith, a well known principle in contract law. Faith is a direct experience, not speculation, not rationalization. Faith is not belief. No belief is possible if you can see it.

You have faith in the sun, not belief in the sun. However, a blind man has belief in the sun.

One has faith in oneself, not belief in oneself — it is impossible to deny one’s own existence.

Most people believe in God, but a Self-realized being has faith in God.

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