What is the difference between Christ consciousness and cosmic consciousness?

Both Christ and Cosmic refer to one and the same ultimate consciousness. There are many levels of consciousness. Christ is the ultimate beyond which nobody can go.

Jesus is the individual (a river) whereas Christ (ocean) is universal. Once a river merges into the ocean, the river is no longer there. The ultimate universal consciousness happened not only to Jesus but also to many great beings before Jesus as well as after Jesus. There is only one universal consciousness.

In my book, Building a Noble World, I have given the following analogy to help the reader grasp the ultimate consciousness:

“When a river merges into the vast ocean, it loses its identity as a river. Then, the river’s declaration “I am the ocean” becomes true. Similarly, when a prophet merges his sense of individuality with the all-pervasive Consciousness, his declaration “I am the only God” is entirely true. As far as the ultimate realization of every founder of a religion is concerned, it is the attainment of the same Absolute Reality.”

“The Christ of Christmas must be celebrated in the hearts’ love of all races for one another,” Paramahansa Yogananda proclaimed, “Prepare for Christ by decorating the spinal Christmas tree of your meditating consciousness with many new perceptions of the divine Christ, with ever-twinkling stars of wisdom and lotus blossoms of divine love. At the foot of this inner Christmas tree lay all your material desires, to be presented once and forever to the Christ Joy within you.”

Lord Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21). When one reaches one’s innermost core, one realizes what Lord Jesus means by the Kingdom of God.

Lord Jesus is both Jesus and Christ. One can really know Jesus only through a great being who has experienced Christ Consciousness.

To achieve Christ Consciousness, you need to go within. God’s kingdom is inside you, me, and everyone.

May your mind turn within to experience Christ Consciousness!

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