Can kundalini arise simply by being around a spiritual teacher who has had their kundalini awakened?

If one reverently serves a spiritual master whose kundalini is not only awakened but also fully developed, it is not surprising that one can have one’s own kundalini awakened.

We believe in a contagious disease, don’t we? If one can receive bad germs, one can also receive good germs of consciousness from an individual in whom kundalini is awake. However, one can only receive according to one’s own worthiness/receptivity.

To help you understand what worthiness/receptivity is, here is a story from the Bible. A farmer planted the same seeds in three different fields. In one field the soil was fertile, and there the seeds took root and grew well. In the second field, the soil was not so fertile, and there the seeds sprouted, but died soon. The third field was full of rocks, and there the seeds did not sprout at all.

Once the kundalini is awakened in a worthy seeker, meditation happens automatically and naturally without learning or practicing it. Indeed, the kundalini awakening is the supreme gift of God.

In fact, it is my kundalini awakening experience that led me to write the book, Building a Noble World World (ISBN: 978-0974919706). The following is adapted from the said book.

This experience proves that kundalini can awaken in the presence of a genuine guru.

My Kundalini awakening experience happened during Swami Muktananda’s public program at Lake Point Tower in Chicago on September 16, 1974.

I vividly remember sitting cross-legged on the floor while listening to Baba Muktananda’s words. I was near the front row and at the edge of the center aisle with my eyes closed, quietly focused on my breathing. I recall Baba saying, “Kundalini starts dancing when one repeats Om Namah Shivaya.” I mentally repeated the mantra, which was charged with Baba’s spiritual energy. My breathing became heavier. Suddenly, I felt a powerful force rising within me. The intensity of this rising Kundalini force was so tremendous that my body lifted from the floor and fell into the aisle, causing my glasses to fly off.

As I lay there with my eyes closed — my breathing ceased — I could see a continuous fountain of dazzling white lights erupting within me. These brilliant lights were brighter than the sun, though no heat came from them. I was experiencing the thought-free state of “I am.” I was overwhelmed with the realization that “I” have always been, and will continue to be, eternal. While experiencing this eternal “I am” state of supreme consciousness, I was fully conscious and completely aware.

At that moment, Baba delightfully shouted from his platform, “Mene kuch nahi kiya; kisiko shakti ne pakda” (“I didn’t do anything; the Energy has caught someone”). Then he continued, “I [Baba] am like a radar. When something happens, I come to know of it immediately.”

The dramatic awakening of Kundalini in me frightened some people in the audience, but Baba reassured them saying, “Do not be frightened. Sometimes Kundalini gets awakened in this way, depending upon a person’s type.”

Within me, the brilliant white lights disappeared, giving way to a cooling experience. It was a blissful cooling state, as if it were emanating from hundreds of moons. As I reveled in this ethereal state of indescribable inner bliss, Baba commented on the inner state that I was experiencing: “Ab mere me aur isme koi antar nahi raha” (“Right now, there is no difference between his state and my state”).

As Baba returned to his talk on meditation, the intense coolness gradually receded inside me, and slowly I became aware of my physical body once again. I felt a slight pain at the base of my spine, but the sensation was dulled by another realization: Baba had become my guru the very moment I experienced my eternal nature. My heart was overcome with tremendous gratitude for Baba Muktananda’s divine grace.

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