What is the best way to manifest anything you want? Any tips?

The best way to manifest anything you want is to store good impressions (Samskaras) and wipe out bad impressions in your subtle body.

Whatever thoughts one thinks, whatever words one speaks, and whatever actions one performs, get stored as impressions (called Samskaras) in the central nerve (known as Sushumna) of one’s subtle body, not the physical body. Consequently, all your bad actions/words/thoughts about others harm you, not others, and all your good thoughts benefit you.

There is one sure way to get rid of bad impressions and that is when your kundalini is awakened, activating various chakras (energy centers) that destroy all the impurities in the central nerve. With this kundalini awakening, you become aware of your true imperishable Spirit/Life/Self/ ’I am’-awareness beyond your body and mind.

You may like to refer to the book, Building a Noble World (ISBN: 978-0974919706), for a thorough explanation of the meditation practice in Chapter 3 as well as an actual Kundalini awakening experience in Chapter 4.

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