What is a guru’s role in Kundalini awakening?

Good question!

Before understanding the guru’s role in Kundalini awakening, it is important to understand what a guru really is and how a guru is connected to God.

First, we know that there are five functions of God:

1. God manifests, not creates, the universe

2. God maintains the universe

3. God dissolves, not destroys, the universe

4. God conceals the universe within His own being by reabsorbing it for future manifesting

5. God bestows grace so that worthy individuals can realize their oneness with God. (Guru)

The final function – the bestowal of grace – is central to the understanding of what Guru is. There are two aspects of the Guru: The capital ‘G’ Guru, which refers to the cosmic principle that is present within everybody and everything, and the lowercase ‘g’ guru, which refers to an individual regarded as a guru, in whom the same cosmic Guru principle operates fully on an awakened level.

According to Shiva Sutra Vimarshini, “Guru paramesvari anugrahika shakti” (“Guru is the grace-bestowing power of God”). This bestowal of grace is called shaktipat, literally meaning “the descent (pat) of energy (shakti),” and is essential in a Kundalini awakening. This descent of grace can only come to a worthy seeker through the medium of an individual guru. Shaktipat requires an individual to transmit this energy to awaken another. As a candle cannot light itself and must be lit by an outside source, so too the Kundalini cannot awaken itself but must be awoken by the descent of grace through a guru. This is the role of the guru: to be a conduit for the bestowal of grace on another.

Without a guru serving as a medium for this transfer, the direct energy of awakening would be too great for a disciple to bear. The guru gives the awakening and provides the medium through touch, word (mantra), look, and thought. After awakening the Kundalini in a disciple, the guru also controls its working to ensure the individual continues this spiritual evolution.

Explaining what a firm faith can do, Swami Muktananda (1908-1982) said, “I receive so many letters from people who were reading Play of Consciousness and received shaktipat from the book. They put the book against their hearts and began to meditate.”

In short, a guru’s role is absolutely essential to transfer the bestowal of grace needed to awaken the Kundalini.

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