I know that I am, but I do not know who I am. Do I have the capacity to know who I am, my intrinsic nature? How to know, who I am, my authentic reality?

The nature of the most fundamental question, Who am I?, is such that it can never be answered. However, one can experience one’s own true being through shaktipat.

What is shaktipat? Shakti refers to energy and pat means to descend. So, shaktipat means the descend of energy on a worthy seeker through the medium of an individual guru.

This shakti/grace bestowing power of God is the fifth of the five powers of God, namely creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment, and grace.

Obviously, descend (pat) necessarily requires somebody — a pure medium — to transmit energy; one cannot awaken by oneself. Remember, the medium is not the source of this energy.

This Shaktipat is like using a lit candle to ignite another candle.

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