What weakens us? What strengthens us? How to get rid of what weakens us?

When you are identified with your physical body and mind rather than your own inner Spirit (atman in Sanskrit), this weakens you. In reality, you are neither the body nor the mind. If you consider yourself to be something that you are not, that is impure ego (ahamkara in Sanskrit) — simply ego.

If you are not identified with any name, form, or anything, then you are the inner Self. The inner Self is that which you are born with; it is your very being. You can never lose the innermost Self.

It is ego whenever you feel something other than the inner Self — something that you are really not. For example, if you think the physical body is you, that is ego. In other words, the absence of the inner Self is ego, just as the absence of light is darkness. To get rid of ego, just be identified with the innermost Self — the pure I-awareness. So simple!

What strengthens you is your identification with your own inner Self (atman). The inner Spirit—call it energy, power, consciousness, awareness, being, spirit, or life—that exists within your body is experienced as the I-awareness. This I-awareness is one’s own true nature.

When the divine energy is activated through meditation, you can experience your true nature. This way, you can get rid of ego that weakens you.

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