How is the power of meditation greater than the power of an atom bomb?

An atom bomb can destroy only a person’s physical body of one lifetime whereas meditation can open up the central nerve/channel that can destroy the accumulated karmas of a person’s countless lifetimes. Indeed, meditation is so powerful.

The central nerve/channel is also known as sushumna nadi, madhya nadi, or the brahma nadi, which is located in the center of the spinal column, extending from the base of the spine to the top of the head. It is through the central nerve that the kundalini rises.

Whatever thoughts you think, whatever words you speak, and whatever actions you perform get stored as impressions (called Samskaras) in the central nerve of your subtle body, not the physical body. These impressions get carried forward from one lifetime to another because the death of the physical body is not the death of the subtle body.

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