How can I find a real spiritual master that can help me with my spontaneous awakened Kundalini?

Real spiritual masters are not rare. A real spiritual master will never tell that he/she is a real one! Even if someone mentions a certain spiritual master, how can you verify the truth of such an assertion?

Unless a seeker is truly worthy, no benefit can accrue by meeting a spiritual master. What to do? Remember that the inner Guru that dwells within you is always watching all your thoughts, words, and actions. If one has this right understanding, there is absolutely no need to search for a spiritual master. Truly speaking, a spiritual master is already in search of a worthy seeker. In your dream, a spiritual master can easily appear to guide you.

A true Guru is already within you, closer than the closest! Become aware of this inner Guru that regulates your breathing at all times. Remember, when you get closer to your own Spirit within (inner Guru), you certainly come under the radar of a true spiritual master.

Here is something to illustrate what worthiness is all about. Once there was a seeker who, being in search of a spiritual master, met a dervish who himself was a spiritual master. The seeker said, “I am in search of a spiritual master. Do you know any spiritual master?” The dervish replied, “I don’t know any spiritual master. I’m just walking. You can walk with me, if you want to.” As they were walking, the dervish saw a tree and went up to it. He put his ear up against the trunk of the tree and told the seeker that the tree is feeling hurt by a thorn on its trunk and is asking its removal for relief. The seeker said, “forget it! I’m searching for a spiritual master. Let’s keep walking.”

The common understanding is like that of the seeker who was searching for a spiritual master, but did not listen to the dervish. Whatever words the dervish spoke to the seeker contained the actual energy/grace/authority. Without a spiritual master’s grace behind words, whether spoken or written, the words are merely ordinary words. This example should clarify. Once a saint visited a king who wanted to understand about grace behind words. Thereupon, the saint said to attendants there, pointing toward the king “hit him over the head.” The words had no effect. Then the king said to his attendants, pointing toward the saint, “hit him over the head” and the attendants carried out the words. You see, the words were exactly the same but the king’s words had his grace/authority behind the words.

If you’d like to learn more, and for an account of spiritual experiences, I suggest the book Play of Consciousness by Swami ‘Baba’ Muktananda (1908-1982).

Explaining what a firm faith can do, Swami Muktananda said, “I receive so many letters from people who were reading Play of Consciousness and received shaktipat from the book. They put the book against their hearts and began to meditate.”

I would also suggest a book I wrote myself, called Building a Noble World. I know that it seems presumptuous that I would recommend my own book, but one of the demands of a spiritual awakening is the desire to share the spiritual experience with others so that they may find the same understanding of the Self that I – and many before me – have found through meditation. In the book, I give an insight into spirituality, meditation, yoga, and true Guru. In it, you will find my own experience of Kundalini awakening: transcending one’s physical body and mind and experiencing absolute reality.

May you be blessed by this inner Guru!

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