Can one have a spontaneous Kundalini awakening? How do you manage it after?

First, you must ask yourself what the goal of kundalini awakening is.

If someone were to ask me what the goal of kundalini awakening is, I would say it’s to experience one’s own true being. This is the source of all happiness, peace, love, and contentment. Only by experiencing the innermost reality beyond the body-mind limitation can one become fully convinced of one’s true identity with the Spirit.

Kundalini has two aspects: outer and inner. Your Kundalini is already awake in its outer aspect, enabling you to experience the outer world. The safest way to awaken the inner aspect of Kundalini is through a guru.

Without the guru serving as a medium, the direct energy of awakening would be too great for a disciple to bear. After awakening the Kundalini in a disciple, the guru also controls its working to ensure the individual continues this spiritual evolution.

Before understanding Kundalini awakening, it is important to understand what a guru really is and how a guru is connected to the oneness of God.

First, we know that there are five functions of God:

1. God manifests (not creates) the universe

2. God maintains the universe

3. God dissolves (not destroys) the universe

4. God conceals the universe within His own being by reabsorbing it for future manifesting

5. God bestows grace so that worthy individuals can realize their oneness with God. (Guru)

The fifth and final function – the bestowal of grace – is central to the purpose of a guru. There are two aspects of the Guru: The capital ‘G’ Guru, which refers to the cosmic principle that is present within all beings, and the lowercase ‘g’ guru, which refers to an individual revered as a guru, in whom the cosmic Guru principle operates on an awakened level.

As a candle cannot light itself and must be lit by an outside source, so too the Kundalini cannot awaken itself but must be awakened by the descent of grace through a guru. This is the role of the guru: to be a conduit for the bestowal of grace on another.

Kundalini is located in the subtle body, not in the physical body.

In the book, Devatma Shakti (Kundalini), Vishnu Tirtha observed: “We have pointed out repeatedly that no real progress in spirituality is possible unless an aspirant gets his kundalini power awakened, and it has also been pointed out that the easiest way of awakening that power is through initiation by shaktipat by a spiritual master [guru].”

Actually, it is my kundalini awakening experience that led me to write the book, Building a Noble World. In the book, I give an insight into spirituality, meditation, yoga, and true Guru. In it, you will find my own experience of kundalini awakening in which one transcends one’s physical body and mind and experiences absolute reality.

Explaining what a firm faith can do, Swami Muktananda (1908-1982) said, “I receive so many letters from people who were reading Play of Consciousness and received shaktipat from the book. They put the book against their hearts and began to meditate.”

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