How am I to consider myself as God? Any example to grasp it?

You ask: How am I to consider myself as God? Any example to grasp it?

First of all, what does God mean? God means existence — total existence. In fact, existence and God are synonymous. Since existence is God, God exists. God not only exists but God alone exists. To see God as God truly is, one must see God as manifest in every form throughout the universe.

The totality of existence is God. “A God defined is a God confined,” said Swami Rama Tirtha (1873–1906), one of the greatest spiritual masters of India.

God, who is present in all places, at all times, and in all things, must be present in this place, at this time, and in this thing. So, it follows that God is present within each of us. If God is not within, God is nowhere else.

Ask yourself this question: Do you exist or not? Your answer will inevitably be, “Yes.” It is impossible to deny your own existence — it is like a person saying with his own tongue that he has no tongue. You exist, therefore God exists.

To know God exists is not enough. You should experience this God within. For example, the only way a piece of salt could know the sea is by becoming the sea. In Samadhi (union with the Absolute), the last of Patanjali’s eight limbs, God is experienced. Once you experience God within you, you will be able to see God everywhere.

Our great sages have declared that God lives within, so it makes perfect sense to turn within to experience God. Given below are quotes that refer to the true religion of oneness, which if understood rightly by Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and so on, there will no reason for a religious fight anymore.

The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

“I Am That I Am.” (The Old Testament — Exodus 3:14)

God lives in the heart of every being” (Bhagavad Gita 18-61)

Aham Brahmasmi, “I am the Absolute” (Yajur Veda)

Ana’l-Haqq, “I am the Truth” or “I am God,” said al-Hallaj Mansur (858-922), a famous Sufi saint.

“Having created the physical bodies of all creatures, God Himself entered into them to make them alive and active.” (Taittiriya Upanishad)

The Scientific Proof of God’s Existence

We live in a scientific age. Science deals with facts, and not with beliefs or disbeliefs.

Science may not include the concept of God, but it now accepts that the entire universe is made up of one energy. Everyone and everything that exists in this universe is energy. Our ancient sages said this energy is One and called it supreme consciousness, absolute reality, or God. Whatever name you call God by, it’s the same God. All religions are of fairly recent origin, but God as energy has existed since the beginning of time. If everybody were to understand this truth, then all differentiating between “our God” and “their God” would vanish.

One of the most basic laws of science —the Law of Conservation of Energy — claims that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed from one form into another. What science claims is nothing but God. Albert Einstein’s famous equation proves that matter can be reconverted into energy. Hence, the matter is another form of energy, just as ice is another form of water. In reality, the same energy manifests as light, heat, electricity, magnetism, and sound, and they are inter-convertible.

The striking conclusion of modern scientists — that energy is the essence of all that exists within the universe – is undeniable. In infinite forms, the same God pervades everywhere.

There was a time, about five hundred years ago during the time of Christopher Columbus (1451 – 1506), when most people believed that the earth is flat, but now science has established that the earth is spherical. In the same way, the idea that God is energy and therefore, existence, is now very convincing from a scientific point of view.

How am I to consider myself as God?

A normal reaction to “I am God” assertion is one of disbelief, even shocking.

The statement, “I am God” — meaning everyone’s true identity is God — is the fundamental truth. Once one becomes fully aware of one’s true identity, this very awareness can transform an individual completely.

To consider myself as God can be grasped from the example below. This example is adapted from my book, Building a Noble World. Refer to Chapter 5, entitled, “In Discovering Who I Am, God is Known” for an in-depth discussion of this topic.

Disciple: “Infinite worlds exist within God. How can I be considered God?”

Master: “Take my water bowl to the river and fill it with water.”

The disciple left for the nearby river, and in a few minutes returned with the bowl filled with its water.

Master: “This cannot be the water of that river. I told you to get water from the river.”

Disciple: “Oh, yes, this is the water from the river.”

Master: “But there are fish and turtles in the river, and there are no fish and turtles in this water bowl. How can this be the water from the river?”

Disciple: “But this is just a small amount of water. How could this small bowl of water possibly contain all those things?”

Master: “What you say is true. Now take this water and pour it back into the river.”

The disciple went to the river, poured the water back into it, and returned.

Master: “Don’t all those things—fish and turtles—exist in that water now? The individual self is like the water in the bowl. You see, the supreme self, God, has the awareness that it exists everywhere, whereas the individual self believes that it exists only from head to toe in the physical body. In reality, the individual self and the supreme self are not two different things. The difference is never of quality, but of quantity.”

The same truth can be illustrated from a drop of water that falls as rain on the Himalayan mountain. With other drops, it becomes a running small stream of water. The stream flows down the mountain and becomes a river. The river finally merges into the ocean. What is the original drop of water going to consider itself: a drop of rain or the ocean?

If a wave in the ocean feels it is not the ocean, it simply means it has not yet known its own depth in the underneath ocean. Just as every wave is the ocean, so also you can consider yourself as God.

If you’d like to learn more, and for an account of spiritual experiences, I suggest the book Play of Consciousness by Swami ‘Baba’ Muktananda (1908-1982). Explaining what a firm faith can do, Swami Muktananda said, “I receive so many letters from people who were reading Play of Consciousness and received shaktipat from the book. They put the book against their hearts and began to meditate.”

I would also suggest a book I wrote myself, called Building a Noble World. In this book, you will find my own experience of Kundalini awakening: transcending physical body and mind and experiencing absolute reality. I also answer questions about body, mind, and Spirit as well as the fundamental truth we all share.

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