Is service to humanity better than meditation?

To know whether meditation or service to humanity is better, you must first understand what meditation really is.

The main purpose of meditation is to experience one’s own true being/Self — the source of profound peace. Just as in sleep you find new freshness, vigor, and peace, so also you find even greater peace in meditation.

Meditation is not an effort — not doing, just being. Through meditation, you go deeper and deeper within to become aware of the innermost “I.” If you do not become aware of this innermost “I, your understanding of who you are is limited to your body or your mind. However, if you become aware of the innermost “I,” you will gain the experience of your true Self, which is full of bliss.

Meditation is all about inner peace. Service to humanity is the radiation of inner peace. You have to have inner peace first. If an individual is without inner peace, serving others is not of much use. You can help others only if you have helped yourself first. Only when your candle is lit, can you light other candles. Hence, meditation is primary, service to humanity is secondary.

You may like to read my book, Building a Noble World, for a thorough explanation of meditation in Chapter 3. In the book, I give an insight into spirituality, meditation, yoga, and true Guru. In it, you will find my own experience of Kundalini awakening: transcending one’s physical body and mind and experiencing absolute reality. I also answer questions about body, mind, and Spirit.

May you experience inner peace through meditation!

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