How does the universal Law of Periodicity (or Law of Rhythm) apply to countries?

The Law of Periodicity (or Law of Rhythm) states that everything in the universe moves in a circle. The sun moves from east to west, coming back to the east to begin a new cycle.

More than a century ago in 1903, Rama Tirtha (1873 –1906), who was not only a renowned spiritual master but also a brilliant mathematician, claimed the Law of Periodicity applies to countries and their prosperity. In his book, In Wood of God Realization Volume III, Rama Tirtha observed: “Everything in this world ‘moves rhythmically’ and the Law of Periodicity governs all phenomena.”

In accordance with the Law of Periodicity, financial prosperity has been moving in the past 5,000 years from the peak of civilization in India. Prosperity passed over Persia, Assyria, and further west to Egypt; next came the turn of Greece; after that, Rome, and then Germany, France, and Spain; then it traveled to Great Britain. It did not stop there; it traveled further west to America. In the United States, prosperity traveled from New York (“the East”) westward until it reached California (“the west”). Now the sun of prosperity has crossed over the Pacific Ocean with the cycle turning back to the east. In the Far East, Japan became a prosperous country.

In his book, In Wood of God Realization Volume IV, Rama Tirtha stated, “After Japan, China will rise and gain prosperity and strength. After China, the sun of prosperity and learning will again smile at India.

It is amazing that a global merry-go-round is at work.

I have included the Law of Periodicity in my book Building a Noble World. In this book, you will find my own experience of Kundalini awakening: transcending physical body and mind and experiencing absolute reality. I also answer questions about body, mind, and Spirit as well as the fundamental truth we all share.

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