What differences are there between terms like Cosmic Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness and others?

As far as the ultimate realization of every founder of a religion is concerned, it is the attainment of the same Absolute Reality. It is for this reason that the title “Christ” conveys exactly the same universal consciousness as does the title “Buddha.” Both Christ and Buddha refer to one and the same ultimate consciousness. All these terms, Cosmic Consciousness, Superconsciousness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, and so on are synonymous. The following short story should help you understand this point:

One day four people, a Persian, an Arab, a Turk, and a Greek, went on a journey together. They had been given two rupees to spend. The Persian said, “I’ll buy angoor (same in Hindi) with this money, and we can all eat them.” The Arab said, “No, I want to buy eanab.” The Turk said, “No, I like üzüm.” The Greek said, “I don’t want to buy anything but Stafýlia.” Each of them kept repeating what he wanted, without understanding the other three.

Finally, they began to quarrel. At that point, a wise man approached them and asked why they were fighting. After listening to them, he said, “Don’t fight. I’ll bring what each of you want.”

He took the money, went to a shop, and bought grapes. Then he distributed them equally among the four.

The Persian said, “These are my angoorl” The Arab said, “Here are my eanab!” The Turk said, “These are my üzüm.” And the Greek said, “Here are my Stafýlia!”

The saint who related this story told his disciples that we all need such a wise man. Even today, people who lack the eye of knowledge fight because they have blind faith in one particular doctrine. However, there is only one Supreme Principle for all, one goal, one purpose, one love.

In my book, Building a Noble World, I have given the following analogy to help the reader grasp the ultimate consciousness:

“When a river merges into the vast ocean, it loses its identity as a river. Then, the river’s declaration “I am the ocean” becomes true. Similarly, when a prophet merges his sense of individuality with the all-pervasive Consciousness, his declaration “I am the only God” is entirely true. As far as the ultimate realization of every founder of a religion is concerned, it is the attainment of the same Absolute Reality.”

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