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Building A Noble World
Shiv R. Jhawar
Noble World Foundation, IL, $12.99 USD, softcover(192p)
ISBN: 0-9749197-0-5

Through an extraordinary blend of spirituality, politics, history and science, "Building a Noble World" addresses the key post-modern political issues that hinder world peace.

At a time when the world faces acute problems of terrorism, cross-border conflicts, racial and religious differences, Shiv R. Jhawar offers us a path to emerge out of this darkness and move towards world peace and unity. The issue of terrorism that has intensified, especially after the 9/11 attacks in the United States, is also well tackled. Jhawar states that its root cause is the condition of the human mind, which must be improved in order to overcome crime and war. In order to spread harmony and prosperity, we must be able to connect with the spirit within each of us and must rise above social, political and racial biases by accepting, respecting and celebrating diversity in all walks of life.

"Building a Noble World" gives an insight into Yoga as a means to attain inner peace. It also discusses varied subjects such as religion, spirituality, meditation and the author's experiences of shaktipat in which you transcend your physical body and mind, and experience absolute reality.

Jhawar offers simple yet profound solutions to global political issues such as the ongoing crisis in Kashmir and the possibility of unifying the Indian subcontinent for promoting  regional economic prosperity. While striving in a quest for global harmony, the author recognizes the indispensable role played by the United Nations for negotiating and tackling cross-border issues.

The central theme of the book revolves around the importance of attaining inner peace and the unification of humanity for attaining world peace. It guides humanity towards peaceful co-existence. It is a well researched, easy to read book with sound concepts, as well as quotes from renowned world leaders and spiritual masters. Insightful, inspiring and practical, "Building a Noble World" is a book that promotes world peace and adds value to life.

BookWire Review
October 5, 2006

Reviewed by R. deVoll Fisher, author of Caleb's Branch: An Incomplete Tale Of Unfinished Lives

Building a Noble World by Shiv R. Jhawar, soft cover, 192 pages, $12.99, ISBN 0-9749197-0-5, available at, the United Nations Bookshop in New York, and other book stores. For more information, visit

Rarely does one set out to write a book to change the world, but to his immense credit, Shiv R. Jhawar has done just that with his revolutionary book, Building a Noble World. As founder of the Noble World Foundation, Jhawar has an expressed objective of helping to create a lasting peace in the world by promoting greater understanding and spiritual enlightenment. Building a Noble World is a marvelously easily read and assiduously documented insight into Jhawar's spiritual experiences and the personal revelation of fundamental truths he has received.

Jhawar does not espouse any particular religion, but explains that the message in his book encompasses all faiths. He declares that humanity's relationship with God is absolute, and explains how God's presence in all beings is as scientifically emphatic as Einstein's famous theory of relativity.

Jhawar provides a process by which individuals may take control of their own minds and effect a real change in the paradigms of hostility, terrorism, and conflict in the world today. He asserts that the "war on terrorism" can be won through meditation, and unlike so many who make bold and controversial claims, Jhawar systematically demonstrates how this may be accomplished by powerful meditative and yogic practices.

Building a Noble World is an inspired and inspirational work. Drawing from the greatest prophets and philosophers throughout the annals of history, Jhawar delivers a very simple yet desperately needed message: As long as hatred, fear, and violence persist, there can never be understanding. Only through mutual respect for the Godliness in all beings can anyone truly be said to worship God of all beings. The beautifully written passages and scrupulously researched quotations from inspired leaders from every walk of life validate Jhawar's message in a truly uplifting and thought-provoking way.

Jhawar clearly describes the purpose and process of effective meditation, and explains how individuals can work on a global scale to positively affect the political miasma that has engulfed our world. To those reeling from the horrors of global terrorism, political corruption, and religious strife, the author offers a practical solution, empowering even the weakest to make a great impact.

He confidently enters into the political arena, proudly detailing the accomplishments of the United Nations. He strongly supports a democratic global government  which would unify all the peoples of the world, by strengthening their individualism while at the same time illuminating the commonalities that make us all one human family.

Citing the European Union's success in improving social and economic conditions for its member nations, Jhawar thoughtfully suggests that the Indian subcontinent would likewise benefit from an "Indus Union." Such an entity would help break down traditional barriers and promote economic prosperity and political freedom in the subcontinent. As governments unite for the betterment of the world's citizens, so too can individuals unite with the power of the inner Spirit for spiritual evolution.

The chaos, terror, and negative influences of nationalism and religious conflicts have brought this fragile planet to the verge of destruction. As world leaders and individuals alike seek safe ground from which to address the mind-boggling issues that confront us daily, Jhawar provides more than a mere insight; he has prepared answers to many of humanity's most elusive mysteries, and offers this gift to the world.

Building a Noble World has a very profound message: If peace is ever to come to this planet, it can never be through war or political domination. Bombs and weapons beget more and more violence. Only when greed, pride, anger, and fear are overcome by the spiritual realization of the commonality of an individual's connection with the oneness of the universe will the global community experience the joys of world peace.

Jhawar is a humble man, whose spiritual journey has awakened a tremendous personal power to influence the world. In this powerful handbook for world peace, Jhawar seamlessly combines spirituality, philosophy, science, history, yoga, psychology, and innovative politics. It reveals a 5,000-year cycle of prosperity that is emerging in South Asia. Through his efforts with the Noble World Foundation, Jhawar promotes the practice of meditation as a viable alternative to the uselessness of violence for building a noble world.

Reviewed by R. deVoll Fisher, author of Caleb's Branch: An Incomplete Tale Of Unfinished Lives.

Published in Indian Tribune on April 29, 2006